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Tattvamassi was founded with the vision

to be India's most favoured coaching organisation. Our goal is to bring about a measurable increase in productivity. Our aim is to empower lives & businesses through life and business coaching respectively. We strive to hone strategic leadership skills and bring about transformational changes by implementing international coaching practices with our clients. We endeavor to bring about this change through reflection.

What does a Business coach do?

A coach acts as a creative business partner providing the client, with the tools, support and structure to enable them to achieve much more than what they may be able to do by themselves. An Organisational Development Coach or Business Coach as we know them, applies proven processes that would help mould an employee/manager into somebody with the capacity to drive transformative change within themselves as well as in their organisation. Coaching can be short-term, where the coach helps to create a vision, achieve a specific business goal, or complete a particular project ; or it can be long term where the client onboards the coach for a number of projects, goals & visions.

Who is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a co-creative partner, who will stay by your side and show you the mirror by asking skillful questions, listen deeply and be fully present to who you are & what you are. By instilling accountability, leading a perspective, and providing clarity, a life coach can give you both the mindset and the tools you need to achieve bigger and better goals.

Define & sharpen your problem statement

What got you here? Will it get you there?

Unravel behavioral patterns, blind spots &
challenge fixed views

Deepen your connection with yourself

Unfold the person that you are meant to be.

Do you need a coach?

It is a common perception that only struggling entrepreneurs, businesses or individuals look for coaches. In reality, a coach can help sustain your current trajectory and help drive transformative growth. A coach will aid you to break down your long-term vision into short term achievable goals, by co-partnering in your journey, improving your time management & negotiation skills. Coaching sessions at Tattvamassi will help you build mental resilience and strengthen your life's purpose & resolve.

Our Solutions

Organisational Development

Research and experience show that employees perform better when positively coached, rather than being constantly evaluated. Tattvamassi can help unlock the potential of your employees.

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Life Coaching

Life coaches work with their clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives. The coach works with the client, as a partner, to create the changes they seek.

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Word On The Street

I really enjoy working with Sreedevi who feels the essence of BlueMatch and 'reads' our people. She translates this into a personal and business approach.
Robertus Nicolaas Nieuwenhuizen
Co-founder - BlueMatch
Had an opportunity to jointly adjudicate and mentor at the IIT- Madras "Elevate" event with Sreedevi. Her in-depth knowledge as a mentor and jury served as a guidance for the founders especially in sales and related functions.
Varad Rajan Krishna
Co-founder - 100 Open Startups
I am overwhelmed to be associated with Sreedevi. I can see myself in a better place now. I have developed a good amount of confidence, strength & mental balance.
After just 6 sessions of working with Sreedevi, her guidance and support made me feel a powerful transformation taking place in my life. Sreedevi can help anyone who is going through any life situation.
All I can say is I am so glad I did the 2-day workshop! Sree, as we call her, is an absolutely amazing, brilliant and very powerful teacher!! One has to go through the course with her to feel what I am saying!!!
The sessions made me more productive and pushed me to stop procrastinating and start doing. It helped me gain a whole new level of self-awareness, a better understanding of emotions and to connect better with myself and others around me.
I found the programme to be very comprehensive and It made me look forward to our weekly sessions. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is trying to push and accomplish their goals at any point in their lives.
I am grateful for having met Sreedevi. Being coached by her was a really easy and comfortable process, It was a lot of open communication and Sreedevi's instruction with a lot of insights from her own childhood to her corporate life was useful in relating to our problems.
Britto Edward Victor
MD, ROHM Semiconductor India
I'm so glad to have embarked on this transformation journey! Each session gave clarity to my thoughts and helped me understand what really matters. Thank you Sreedevi !
Whenever I think of abundance, I will think of Sreedevi and your abundant affirmations. Such brilliant stories and so inspiring. The visualisation brought out the inner Jasmine in me. Delightful!.

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