The Tattvamassi Experience


Robertus Nicolaas Nieuwenhuizen
Co-founder - BlueMatch

BlueMatch is a relatively new ‘social enterprise’ with huge ambitions and major challenges for our management. Since January 2020 Sreedevi is conducting a coaching program for our Indian leadership. I really enjoy working with Sreedevi who feels the essence of BlueMatch and ‘reads’ our people. She translates this into a personal and business approach. Confronting, challenging and powerful. As a co-founder of BlueMatch, I am based in the Netherlands. Sreedevi bridges the gap between our countries with crystal clear communication skills, creating a trusted collaboration.

Varad Rajan Krishna
Co-founder - 100 Open Startups

Had an opportunity to jointly adjudicate and mentor at the IIT- Madras “Elevate” event with Sreedevi. Her in-depth knowledge as a mentor and jury served as a guidance for the founders especially in sales and related functions.

R Bhooma, Assistant Manager
The Oriental Insurance Company Limited

I am overwhelmed to be associated with you. From the day I started sharing with you in this coaching path, I find myself changing for good. I can see myself in a better place now. I have developed a good amount of confidence, strength & mental balance. Altogether a wonderful feeling!!.

Srinivasan Krishnamurthy
Project Leader, Valdel Engineering & Constructions Pvt Ltd

I heard about Life coaching as recently as the start of this year, I realized I needed help when I had quarantined myself during this pandemic and I reached out to Sreedevi Raghavan. I instantly felt like she understood what I was going through as I thought I was stuck and unable to proceed beyond a point. I wasn't sure if life coaching was what I needed to help me reach my goals. After just 6 sessions of working with Sreedevi, her guidance and support made me feel a powerful transformation taking place in my life. It was a series of small achievable steps but when I look back I realize that since we started working together, I've come a long way. Sreedevi can help anyone who is going through any life situation.

Nita George
Consultant, IMA India

I first heard of Heal Your Life from a friend. She suggested I do it but I am quite the sceptic. She also said I should do it with Sreedevi Raghavan and insisted that I meet her. When I met Sreedevi, the first thing that came to my mind was "She is so pretty" and Her smile and energy is infectious!! So I said yes to the workshop. All I can say is I am so glad I did the 2-day workshop! Sree, as we call her, is an absolutely amazing, brilliant and very powerful teacher!! The vibes are so strongly positive that one cannot but feel elated! If you want to learn how to affirm...then Sree is the one!!!! One has to go through the course with her to feel what I am saying!!!

Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach

Having the right kind of coach can do wonders for a person, Sreedevi supported me through a difficult period in my life with my daughter’s illness. I was extremely scared about the future and I felt like my world was falling apart. Sreedevi reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to talk about it, talking to her gave me strength and courage in the face of adversity. The sessions were highly positive and inspiring, Sreedevi never told me what to do, she understood me and gave me small achievable goals everyday to make me start achieving at a point when the smallest tasks seemed like too much for me. I loved that there was no pressure or judgement, it made me relax and grow comfortably. I feel I’m more structured and focused now, It helped me cut out all the distractions and disturbances. The sessions made me more productive and pushed me to stop procrastinating and start doing. It helped me gain a whole new level of self-awareness, a better understanding of emotions and to connect better with myself and others around me.

Dr. Shruthi Srinivasan
Doctor of Dental Surgery Student, University of Colorado

I found the programme to be very comprehensive and It made me look forward to our weekly sessions. I could talk freely without the fear of being judged or perceived in a certain way. Sreedevi would ask me general questions about myself that I hadn’t thought of answering before and that helped me really introspect and understand myself better. It gave me a lot of clarity and helped me plan and organise how to achieve my goals and define the path to get to where I wanted to be. It made me very aware of my time and energy and how I spent it. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is trying to push and accomplish their goals at any point in their lives.

Britto Edward Victor
MD, ROHM Semiconductor India

I am grateful for having met Sreedevi. Being coached by her was a really easy and comfortable process, It was a lot of open communication and Sreedevi's instruction with a lot of insights from her own childhood to her corporate life was useful in relating to our problems. I would absolutely recommend Sreedevi to anyone in leadership positions to understand better the role of a leader and how to get the best out of yourself and your team.

Kimi Shaabi
Founder and Director, Tree of Life

You led such a wonderful session traveling with us to abundance in every part of our lives! Whenever I think of abundance, I will think of you and your abundant affirmations. Such brilliant stories and so inspiring. The visualisation brought out the inner Jasmine in me. Delightful!.

Software Engineering Manager Quality, Micro Focus

I had a chance to hear Sreedevi when she was participating in a webinar “Dil Se Open” being conducted by Axis Bank. At that time , I was looking for a job, it was a tough period as I was often met with rejection and I thought I should talk to Sree about how I was feeling. A very patient and good listener, talking and opening up to Sreedevi was very easy. I never understood the phrase ‘Word’s heal’ before interacting with Sree. The coaching sessions is very simple in the way it is structured. Basically it helps you develop the belief that one has the inherent power to succeed. This is is affirmed every session. Once I started believing in myself and being more positive, things started falling in place. The simplicity and structure of the programme can do wonders for anybody who is seeking something better in life. It’s certainly helped me be more calm, collected and positive in whatever I think and do.

Frequently Asked Questions

One learns something new in a training session. Sometimes training even helps us to brush up on a few learnings. A coach helps you apply the skills that you want to instil for yourself. A coach also constantly shows you the mirror to help you reach the goals. Coaching helps you build accountability for yourself. It empowers you to upskill and reskill.

At Tattvamassi, we do an initial session to build rapport and devise the goal statement. You have to only pay for the coaching sessions and not for the initial enquiry.

We recommend at least 4 sessions. One session per week or one session per fortnight. Post the initial 4 sessions , the coachee will be able to decide for themselves on whether they need any more sessions.

A typical coaching session starts with designing of the desired goal. If the coachee attains the stated goal or is feeling empowered enough to pursue it by himself/ herself, you can safely assume that the engagement was fruitful.

At the coach's office, over virtual medium or over the phone. It will be based upon the coachee's preference. All steps will be taken to keep the conversation secluded, private & confidential.

All conversations with your coach are confidential and private and absolute secrecy will be maintained. However if the coach feels that you are undergoing trauma, extreme stress, he/ she will deem it fit to refer you to a counsellor/ psychiatrist as the case may be. Coaching sessions could be discontinued for the period of time until you are able to get back to normalcy.

As in any profession, it is always better to refer to a specialist who is licensed & accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Coaching is an unregulated industry in India, therefore this is an important consideration.

Never. You may choose to go to various coaches at various stages of your life. Or you may choose to go to a coach one time. It's personality driven.

A Coach will never advise you on what to do. In fact the coach will inspire you to become the best version of yourself and find your answers.

Do you have a vision? Do you have a dream? Do you need someone to listen to you without judgement - a coach is your answer.

Take our self assessment to understand if you really need a coach.