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Shanti Sharma

Chief Creator, collaborator, and Coach | Tattvamassi

Director Learning ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter

Leadership Coach, Performance Coach, and Team Coach, trainer and facilitator. I am very fortunate to live my passion both at work and off work.

I am Learning and Organizational Development professional with 26+ years of work experience out of which 23+ years have been dedicated to Learning and Development (L&D). Experience ranges from end to end management of the L&D function to supporting organizational development initiatives. Have a breadth of experiences across various industries such as IT, BPO, and Banking. Managed small, medium sized to very large multi-location, cross-disciplinary complex projects. I can strike a great balance between big-picture planning and daily operational management. Have led several lead initiatives around social learning, innovation and content curation. I enjoy solving real time organizational issues through customer centric mindset in a fast-paced landscape with ambiguous outcomes.

Have facilitated leadership and professional skills courses across all levels in the organization. I specialize in creating Learning Journeys that are carefully and intentionally crafted to cater to a blend of modalities and learning preferences. Each offering weaves a blend of interventions into a well thought through journey and may include: Instructor led sessions (both virtual and in-person), coaching (one on one, group, and team coaching), self-study (articles or videos), project work (individual projects or action learning projects in teams), quizzes and games, research, journaling, activities (involving psychodrama and art), and community or social activities that lead to phenomenal learning.
I am also a certified Harrison Assessor, Belbin Assessor, and Interaction Styles Assessor. Each of these reports offer holistic awareness about oneself and can complement several learning interventions. I am equipped to use these in skills building as appropriate.

An ICF ACC certified coach, working towards PCC certification. To nurture my coaching skills, I am also pursuing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification and Transactional Analysis (TA). Applying coaching and NLP in my day-to-day life has helped me become a better, happier, and more composed person. My intent is to be able to use these tools and techniques to transform as many lives as possible.
The various modalities and interventions available make it possible for learners with any learning style to cope with and stay abreast of the learnings. Such learning journeys are empowering to the learner and builds and boosts confidence.

My offerings are spread across :

  • Self-Leadership
    • Grit
    • Am I good enough?
    • Listen away to success.
    • Pygmalion in Management.
    • Self-Discipline: the art of crafting the future you desire.
    • Digital Body Language.
    • First things First – From time management to life leadership.
    • Entrepreneurial Mindset.
    • Learning Agility.

  • Holistic Wellbeing
    • Happiness at Work.
    • Building your resilience muscle.
    • Work life Balance myth busting.
    • For Better or Verse – healing with poetry.

  • Leadership Development
    • Adaptive Leadership – the art of giving meaning to your life beyond your ambition.
    • Team Up as Together Everyone Achieves More.
    • Authentic Leadership – closing the gap between who you are who people think you are.
    • Coaching to Motivate.
    • Coach your way up to leadership.
    • The art of effective delegation.
    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence.
    • Future Ready New Leaders.
    • Future Ready Mid-Level Leaders.
    • Future Ready Senior Leaders.
    • Invisibles - The power of anonymous work in an age of relentless self-promotion.
    • Building High Performing teams in a Hybrid Environment.
    • Tribal Leadership.

  • Professional Development
    • Applying Human Centred Design.
    • Managing Conflicts.
    • Assert your way to success.
    • Getting Things done.
    • Creativity and Innovation.
    • Negotiation Skills.
    • Critical Thinking - the art of understanding logical fallacies.
    • Feed Forward – the art of making continuous and desirable progress.
    • High Performance Habits.
    • Behavioural Interviews – Key to identifying right talent.
    • Master the art of interactions.
    • Lean.
    • Making E-mail work for you.
    • Productivity Boosters.
    • Some day is not a day of the week.
    • Storytelling for change.
    • Systems Thinking approach to growth.
    • Building a culture of healthy competition.

I am motivated, task-oriented, and efficient. My knowledge of the Learning industry is comprehensive and current. In my role as a Leadership Coach, Performance Coach, and Team Coach, I can help you find your balance and mojo as you work on any of these through my one on one, group and Team coaching.

You can view my complete profile at: www.linkedin.com/in/shantisharma

Here are some of my Testimonials

Shanti has been an exceptional mentor and coach to me. Her patience and ability to motivate has helped me drive my business and personal life in a positive way. Her ability to listen and direct your thought on the right path has helped me move towards a positive path.
Vincent Singh

There are times in life when we need a push, kind words that give us a purpose and direction, it is then that we can look up to people like her. Eloquence, passion for creating constructive changes in people, appropriate sense of humour and empathy would be just a few words to define her. Blessed with the humility to share her life lessons with her audience, it becomes all the more easy for the audience to relate with what she delivers. A seasoned motivational speaker that she is, have wonderfully benefited me with her inspiring talks and valuable insights on time management, stress management, self-awareness and a spectrum of similar topics. When two roads diverged in a wood and you do not know which one to take, Mrs. Shanti Sharma would be the right mentor making a difference in your life, helping you choose the right road.
Esha Karda

It was great to have coaching sessions with Shanti mam. She really helped me a lot and cleared my view towards problems I was facing. The way Shanti mam taking session is so nice that made me comfortable sharing my points. She listens to all the issues properly and even when I was hesitating on some points, she made it easy to share them. And lastly, after every session, I was having my answer to work upon.

It is not just me who can vouch for her coaching skills but my complete organisation. Ever since she started coaching me, I am able to solve my own hurdles with a new outlook. Her sessions are always fun and interactive. The way she has incorporated technology into coaching is wonderful and so much easier to convey messages. I have seen a stark growth in myself and my approach because of her. Moreover, she is always so warm, comforting and I always feel like she listens and understands.
Khyati Mehta

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