Dear Patron,

Tattvamassi turns two today.

It began as the quest for the “Ikigai” on Jan 16th, 2020. In over two decades of corporate life, “sales & strategy” had metamorphosed from being a profession to a passion, and had come to be as a vocation. The time seemed right to pay forward and make it into a mission, so the vehicle that was chosen to ride upon was consulting & coaching.

Like any new business, we had our moments of high & low. Our first client signed up on the day we were incorporated! We went full-throttle on the top gear, only to be forced to pause on neutral gear. What followed were months of waiting in the wings, while the world witnessed the first wave of the pandemic.

In hindsight, these were the months when we worked hard at staying relevant. “When fishermen cannot go to the sea, they repair nets”. We did just THAT. It was the ideal time to delve further into defining the work that we wanted, to build networks in the niche that we chose to be in, and to work towards the required accreditations.

Define Substance, Drive Structure. This is our founding philosophy.

We have made every effort to re-purpose and re-align with this intent in our body of work – be it with corporates or individuals. We were humbled that we got multiple opportunities to work with the corporate diaspora wearing the consultant’s hat: Blue Match Impact Solutions, Chaitanya Microfinance, Axis Bank to name a few. Our engagements with The Star In Me helped us to work on bespoke assignments with Infosys, AbInBev, Cognisant, Broadridge. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the giants & the wizards – an interesting foray into the start-up world by associating with 100 Open StartUps, & the incubator cell of Parul University.

Through our efforts and collaborations, we were able to help companies and individuals alike improve internal communication skills, create trust, strengthen the mindset and build processes to drive business and personal growth.

The energy exchange during the 1-1 executive coaching sessions brought us many steps closer to our vision by helping the coachees find their authentic selves and build on them.

Tat Tvam Asi – You Are THAT

It has been exhilarating to coach leaders & teams, co- partnering in their journeys to rediscover their true inner potential, thereby bringing in a measurable shift in their productivity.

We continue to seek your support, your blessings & your wishes as we step up in our journey. We truly believe that we will make a positive difference to the corporate world through our consulting & coaching

We seek your continued patronage as we humbly bow in gratitude.