Climbing the corporate ladder is tough yet achievable. Although a lot of people enter the corporate game at the lower levels and quickly advance to middle-level management, going further up the corporate ladder can be challenging. Apart from the obvious reason that fewer positions of power are available at the top, companies sometimes choose to bring in lateral hires to induce a fresh perspective to their growth story. This often leads to employees feeling ignored, undervalued, or overlooked and can affect their morale and performance. This begs the question – Can middle-level managers and employees be coached for success? Can they lead and perform efficiently under pressure? 

The answer is yes, they absolutely can! 

The process of coaching is a structured journey created to allow one to achieve their goals. In the beginning, a coach works with you to set a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goal. Your coach then acts as your partner in this journey, helping you through the ups and downs, keeping you accountable, and motivating you to achieve your goals

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There are a lot of skills one must possess in order to hold positions of leadership. A coach can help you improve your communication and interpersonal skills which will make you a better team leader and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Developing and possessing a high Emotional Quotient is a key quality that organizations look for in C-suite executives. A coach can also help you manage stress and handle high-pressure situations. This is absolutely necessary if one wishes to sustain their performance in the higher ranks of large organizations. Several successful top-level personnel use coaches as a sounding board before making decisions. These decisions have a huge impact on the business hence it is absolutely crucial for them to make the appropriate call. A coach makes you introspect on your decisions to help you find inconsistencies if any so that you’re absolutely clear about your plan of action.

A coach does not answer your questions, they question your answers

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To climb the corporate ladder, one must understand how departments and the overall business itself function. As one rises up the ranks, they are expected to work cross-functionally and monitor various departments. Working with a coach will help one maximize their strengths while identifying and improving their weaknesses. A coach also acts as an external auditor, breaking one’s actions down and observing them in great detail, identifying mistakes or inefficiencies that one may have overlooked. A coach will provide feedback and keep one accountable for their plan of action. 

For some reason or the other, it is a common phenomenon to see employees’ performance drop after reaching middle-level management. The comfort and security of the current position discourage employees from wanting to achieve more. Employees no longer have the same zeal for achieving success as they once did, and lack motivation when their routine is monotonous. A coach can help break these limiting patterns and behaviors and also motivate one to stay focused on achieving their long-term goals of growth and success.

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The success of coaching in the corporate environment is very evident. Global corporations such as Microsoft, Google, etc., work with coaches to empower and motivate employees and prepare them to take up leadership positions. Coaching helps people boost job performance and lead well-balanced lives.

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